Applied Political Technologies, Inc.
Data services for Democrats and those like-minded.

About Us

    Applied Political Technologies, Inc. is a data services firm based in the Washington, D.C. suburbs in Springfield, Virginia. Formed in 1995, APT serves Democrats and those like-minded, as well as some non-political clients. We strive to provide outstanding services with fast turn-around and very competitive prices.

    Since its founding, APT has worked with voter data in every state. Our systems and programs have been tailored to take into account all of the data nuances we have encountered so that we are as effective as possible wherever we undertake a project for a client.

    Our top-selling services are our telephone matches, and we also provide email address and cell phone matches, as well as other matches of all kinds.

    We offer 20+ complete statewide voter files and products from them such as downloads, poll samples and phone and walk lists. We help our clients make selections that are as complex as called for with quick turn-around and at reasonable prices. For clients who come to us with unimproved source files or their own files, we offer name and address standardization and postal coding services, including NCOA/LACs, as well as numerous file improvements and overlays that enhance their files' values - including householding, gender coding, race and ethnic coding and numerous demographic overlays. For a more complete list of our services, please refer to the Services section of our webpage. However, if you need something that we do not mention, don't hesitate to ask.

    APT's president is Jeff Ely, a former DNC political director and Michigan Democratic Party executive director. He was one of the original founders of APT in 1995 and prior to that served as national sales manager for a well-known national voter file firm, Below, Tobe & Associates.