Applied Political Technologies, Inc.
Data services for Democrats and those like-minded.


Telephone Number Matches

    We process hundreds of telephone matches every year for party organizations, unions, campaigns and political professionals who have the highest expectations. Our repeat client list is long.  Our matches run fast, most overnight. Our match rates are strong. In fact, we have won several competitive tests. The telephone numbers we apply are from multiple sources, fresh and accurate. Our match system is built for maximum success with voter files, accounting for all of their idiosyncracies and failings. We can run complete matches or supplement and/or fix your prior match in any or all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Email Address Appends

    We will  find new email addresses for your voter file, donor file or any other campaign file. We can deploy an opt-out message to remove unsubscribe email addresses or help you do this yourself. You will be able to deliver your messages to a clean email file and achieve maximum positive impact.

Cell Phone Number Matches


    You can use our service to find cell phone numbers and communicate more effectively with voters who are no longer reachable via land lines. This is an invaluable tool - especially as you seek to reach out to younger and occasional voters.

Other Matches


    For your projects that require record matches from file to file, we offer an amazing match system guaranteed to achieve accurate results.

Full Voter File Creation Services

    Do you have a voter list that needs some TLC? We offer the full rage of voter file creation services, including name and address standardization, postal coding for mailing, NCOA/LACs processing, file coding and overlays such as telephone, cell phone and email address matches, race and ethnic coding and the application of various demographics. If you have any other special needs, please ask.

Complete State Voter Files Available

    We currently offer complete voter files for Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Washington. We also have client-proprietary files in many other states, some of which can be made available with our client's permission. Please ask if you are looking for a voter file in a state not on this list, and check back regularly as we are adding new state files all the time.


    Of course, you can order information from these files - downloads, poll samples, lists of all kinds. We will help you make strategic selections to maximize your effectiveness and your investment.

NCOA/LACs Processing

    NCOA is an acronym for National Change of Address, which is the Postal Service ever-evolving data base of address changes created from the forwarding orders you fill out when you move and from postal carrier reports.  When a file is NCOA matched, it comes back with records flagged as having moved, with the date of the move and, in most but not all cases, with forwarding addresses. LACs is processed concurrently to convert old-style rural route addresses into addresses that are 911-compliant.

Merge/Purge and Duplicate Removal

    Our merge/purge programs integrate duplicate or overlapping information contained with a single or multiple files according
to client-defined project goals. Our methodology is well-developed and we enjoy the challenge of applying our programs to difficult or tricky jobs, so if you have files laying around full of duplicates and overlapping information, please don't hesitate to call on us to help you.

Race and Ethnic Coding

    APT offers a proprietary race and ethnic coding system that has yielded widespread success in our campaigns. Our race coding involves a complex coding routine that considers and weights neighborhood-level data, names and other household level demographic data to score people on a scale of 0-100% likelihood of being African-American. Our coding system also recognizes and codes people who are of Hispanic/Latino, south and southeast AsianArab/Islamic heritage, as well as some white ethnic groups.


    APT also offers 41 ethnic surname tables which categorize voters into ethnic groups according to their surnames.  Our strongest ethnic surname tables are those for Jewish, Hispanic and various Asian surnames (Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese). If you are interested in full coding of your file, or just in targeting a specific ethnic group, we can help you.

Keypunching and Data Entry

    If you have records on paper that need to be put into a magnetic format, we will provide keypunching/data entry services
that fit your timeline and budget.